Commercial Project

What’s inside…?

We automate and connect all the functional elements in your commercial space to build the whole new network and configure them to reduce and eliminate manual interactions. Welcome to an era of pro-active measure the future of your commercial spaces.

Security solution- The automatically triggered alarming and notification systems are configured to sense the presence of an intruder. Our core expertise lays down technological automation system to perceive energy, increase securities measures and optimize resources.

Our services  

Locking System  

 We provide you with access of instant locking just from your smart-phone from any corner of the world. Weather you forgot to lock or just want to assure, ask your smart-phone.

Monitor your Army

Family Demanding vacation but office demands work control! Can’t choose? Don’t loose! We provide you our smart monitoring system that tracks all the outgoing activities at your work place. Now it’s easy to view office even on vocation.

Executive Boardroom Solution

Let’s impress the crowd! We bring to you a whole smart boardroom automation device collection for controls your hardware system and configure them to leave you with an out-of-box creativity. Automatic screen display, control schematic lightings just on one touch.


Match mood with lights be it a romantic set-up or an office meeting, you can change your table light accordingly. Meet up your ambiance with your desire and occasion

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